Borzoi breeder Virginia

Visit our instagram account  @Spryfeat_borzoi  for regular pictures and videos of our pups

We have No puppies available at this time.

If you wish to purchase a puppy or be placed on our waiting list please complete our contact form.

I will not consider homing a puppy or adult without the information asked in our contact form. 

All of our puppies come from health tested parents. We list all of our OFA testing publicly on the web site. Links available on our Planned litter page at the time the litter is available. Pictures of the parents and their pedigree is also listed here 

All of our puppies will also have parasite treatment, age appropriate vaccinations, and vet wellness visit before leaving us. 

All of our parents, and puppies are also embark DNA tested, Along with  parents DNA, listed with AKC to ensure pedigree integrity.

All puppies will be AKC registered, and have microchips inserted, and preregistered with AKC reunite. 

All of our puppies are sold on a contract, with a health warrantee, and terms of sale.  Puppies are not for resale, or rehoming. 

We do not ship puppies, but we will deliver pups/dogs at cost.  

All puppies are socialized using breed, and age appropriate elements, of known structured puppy enrichment programs.  We show regular daily activities, and care on our Instagram account @Spryfeat_borzoi We welcome everyone to follow along and ask questions, should you have any. 

Not all puppies from our litters are available to be purchased. We ask for your patience in the early days of their lives as we raise and study them, before we can make certain pups available for sale. 

Our puppies are allowed to leave us at between 10-12 weeks of age. 

We ask that you consider the needs of an often rambunctious puppy before you make contact with us to purchase a pup. Puppies can be, will be,  noisy, messy, smelly and destructive. They require a lot of attention in the first months of their lives, both day and night.   With borzoi puppies they require considerable exercise as youngsters to develop to their best potential. While regular leash walks should be a part of their regular activities, they really do best with the ability to run and play at will in a large safe fenced area, several times a day. They should not ever be allowed off leash in an unsecured space. 

If you wish to be considered for a puppy please complete our contact form.  We use this form to place our pups in the most suitable available homes.   

We also will use these forms to contact people when we know we have puppies available 

We do not take deposits on puppies, until they have been assessed as being available to homes.  At that time we do expect a deposit at the execution of our puppy sales agreement. 

You can expect a cost of  $2000. for a puppy at this time.

Each pup will come with a small bag of commercial puppy kibble, and canned food,  that it has been regularly fed, registrations will be transferred at the time of purchase, items that have been scented during their raising eg. blanket and snuggle puppy, puppy care booklet, vet records vaccination & parasite record.

We would highly recommend making appointments  with your veterinarian prior to puppies confirmed pick up or delivery date, also to look into available puppy classes  available close to your home or for an online personal trainer.