We have dogs that are, and have, participated in many areas in the dogs world, Lure coursing, shows, obedience, Rally, Barn hunt, Various aspects of therapy work, Racing, and Conformation shows. 

We do not recommend our borzoi for service dog work, there are breeds much better suited to the task.

We are most likely seen in the wild, at the lure coursing field, either competing, practicing or Frank may be judging with or without dogs being entered.  

There may be times we are inactive in competition for a while due to taking care of pups or putting the care of dogs at home first.  Our dogs come before competition always.

We are firm believers of health testing, of our dogs, and participate in making our results of breeding dogs, public through both OFA.org and here on our health testing page, in a reasonably timely manner. Our pups are also  Embark tested before going to their new homes.

We Submit DNA of our sires to AKC to ensure pedigree integrity.

We have been members of various clubs and remain members of the National breed club Borzoi club of America.

While this site might not be updated often, We post pictures of our everyday life with our borzoi, almost daily on Instagram  @spryfeat_borzoi

Our constant presence on social media endeavors to show all of our dogs, young or old,  whether they are in our breeding plans or not, whether they are in competition or not, just their every day life, Not just competition wins, though they are tossed into the mix there as well.    

About Us


You might recognize Jimmy from a popular meme from days past.  Jimmy with His brother McGee, and our first pup Rani. All have since passed from this world  but their fond memories live on with our unending affection for the breed.

Borzoi breeder Virginia

We are keepers, enthusiast, and occasional breeders of Borzoi in Virginia USA.  We have had our borzoi participate in many of the dog venues and events, sports. We got started in borzoi with our boy Jimmy which we acquired from a rescue group in Richmond well over a decade ago, We also acquired his brother from his breeder and a puppy soon followed.  We were introduced to coursing through Jimmy's breeders and we were hooked. We have been involved in the breed ever since.