We are a small kennel, of borzoi breeding hobbyists,  We started in borzoi after attaining our first rescue borzoi Jimmy from  B.A.R.K, in Richmond. From there our interests in the breed and numbers of borzoi companions  grew, and continues to grow. We enjoy participating in the performance aspects of borzoi, both Lure coursing and racing and have begun delving further into other activities with our beloved borzoi, including obedience and show related activities. Rani,  was our first puppy borzoi, who allowed us to first dip our toes into the sport of lure coursing. Shimmer may have exceeded any and all of our expectations. When achieving AKC's #1 lure coursing borzoi in 2012, by more than double her closest competitor, and winning Best of Breed at AKC's National lure coursing event, along with other accolades she continues to add to. We love them all, the joy they give us is endless.  You can see a few of our dogs and their titles on our "Residents" Page, or for candid pictures on our instagram link

We now are breeders of Merit, and Frank is and AKC judge for coursing trial and tests. We have dogs we have bred out competing and titled in various field events, competing in Rally, Certified therapy dogs & service dogs and pups decorating couches all over the USA. We are members of the Borzoi Club of America, COBRA racing club and Sight Hounds Of Tidewater. All of our dogs to be bred, are health tested and ALL of their results listed publicly with OFFA. We endeavor to have the participants in our breeding plan all meet breed specified requirements of the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).

We also have many pictures and videos of our puppies on our Tumblr page, and a Facebook group page for our puppy owners who want to share and stay engaged with us and each other.

Our Story