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If you have a puppy inquiry, please   give  us some details which may help us place the right dog with the right home:- 

What you would like a puppy for? it a loving companion, performance, breeding,  or show home.  Any particular qualities you would like your borzoi to have? Anything you might prefer your borzoi not to have?

Your Gender preference if you have one.

Any details of pets/ animals already in your care.

Details about How you plan to keep your borzoi, regarding yard  and or living arrangements.

Do you have any experience with sight hounds or borzoi?

Feel free to share any information you feel would be pertinent & Ask any questions you may have.

We don't ask these questions to be intrusive but to best provide you with a puppy to suit your needs.

 Any further information you feel will be pertinent in assisting you, regarding your puppy needs is welcome.   This will allow us to better answer your inquiry

Contact us for appointment should you wish to visit with pups & or parents of pups..

Spryfeat borzoi

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